Barbershop Franchise: Fife’s Best Barbershop 2018 Unique USP.

Barbershop Franchise Opportunity As Bearded Basturds Become Determined To Increase Their Prominence.

Barbershop franchise opportunities seem to be ripe up and down the country right now, and quite rightly so, the barbershop industry is booming. However, we firmly believe we have a leg up on the competition with our one of a kind award-winning business model. And for the right candidate, you too, can have the keys to the brand.

Barbershop franchise

Barbershop Franchise: One the most iconic and memorable organic male grooming brands in the UK 

As you know, Bearded Basturds is fast becoming one the most iconic and memorable organic male grooming brands in the UK, recognised for its fresh approach to skin care, excellence and innovation.

Our pilot project to test out our one of a kind approach and business model was an award winning one, in only a few short months we won Fife’s best barber shop 2018 at the Scottish Retail Awards, so we firmly understand and appreciate the amazing skills you have, your passion for barbering and also your unique relationship with your loyal clients. Following on from this project, we are now looking to move to phase two, which is to open our first flagship store. And we need your help to do so.  

We understand that creating a brand from scratch, building and managing websites, creating an online presence, launching an SEO programme, building social media campaigns and creating eye catching marketing material and manufacturing male grooming and skin care products in-house are just some of the tasks that scare you or stop you from being your own boss.

Barbershop Franchise: Giving you a better chance of overall success than an independent start-up.

We want to help you capitalise on this so you can; make substantially more money than you would or currently do renting space in someone else’s barber shop, showcase your barbering skills properly as we handle all the time consuming digital and strategic responsibilities and give you a better chance of overall success than an independent start-up.

I mean, what’s better…renting a chair somewhere, being an order taker and making their dreams come true, or grabbing the keys to one of our shops, turning over six figures (figure subject to size and location) and being your own boss.?! This opportunity is for new shops and for shops that are trading already. 

Congleton Barber

Showcase your barbering skills properly as we handle all the time consuming digital & strategic responsibilities

By granting you a barbershop franchise and the licence to use our brand, organic products and business model you obtain our:

  • Strong online presence,
  • Proven award winning business formula,
  • Favourable wholesale rates of our bespoke organic beard care and shaving products,
  • Our existing website, Google position and SEO programme,
  • Our fast growing social media channels and wider marketing activity,
  • Our buying power,
  • Our unique one of a kind market positioning,
  • Our iconic & globally recognised brand,
  • Our experience and long-term vision, and
  • Did we mention adopting an award winning business model?! **Pilot shop – Fife’s best barber shop 2018 Scottish Retail Awards, **Parent Business –  SME Scottish Awards, Finalists for Small Business Of The Year**
Barbershop franchise

Barbershop Franchise: The British Franchise Association (BFA)

We are currently collaborating with the British Franchise Association (BFA) as we aspire to, and work towards, obtaining our official accreditation in 2019. The BFA is the voice of ethical franchising in the UK. It’s a very strenuous, lengthy and costly process, however we feel our licence holders deserve us to make the effort to meet industry standards and delivery a business model that they can thrive in. We can’t wait to become a member and join the network of existing brands transforming the future of business through ethical franchising.

The barbershop franchise / licensing plan will be tailored to each individual’s needs, no two shops or individuals are ever in the same position. This is why we will always asses each enquiry on its own merit and tailor to suit.

Barbershop franchise

The ideal candidate!

This is not restricted solely to practising barbers looking to branch out on their own, if you want to explore opening a Bearded Basturds Barbers as a management opportunity then feel free to leave us your details, too. This is also an opportinuty for existing people who fancy adopting and wrapping the brand and business model around your established shop. However, for the budding barbers looking to join our global niche brand, while not essential, we do have a desire for you to have be/have:

  • Working as a barber currently,
  • 1 year minimum experience of practicing traditional barbering in a retail environment,
  • Experienced in shaving (Cut throat razor)
  • Experienced in beard trims and beard maintenance,
  • Scissor work,
  • Clipper work,
  • Skin fading, and
  • Possess the ability to deliver top class banter to clients.

This is your chance to bring style, sophistication, tradition and organic skin care innovation to the men of the UK or beyond. We are presenting you with the perfect opportunity to deliver a; combination of ‘classic with contemporary and precision barbering, an engaging one of a kind experience, superior customer service and a professional team of in-house skin care & beard care consultants working together to provide the ultimate barbering experience for the style conscious male.

This is a Basturd of an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. We’re already a few steps ahead of the competition, be a part of it, all you need to do is complete the enquiry form below. If you know of anyone who might be interested in this opportunity, we’ve made it easy for you to share online or on social media. 


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