Beard Product Review – The Bristle Blower on YouTube

Beard Product Review – Who D’fuck is Bristle Blower

Beard Product Review update from a guy from the UK who is hooked on beards and beard products. Please subscribe to his channel for beard tips, product reviews, silly entertainment and all things beardy. He has a cracking beard as well for all those looking for perv material, just saying!

A good Beard Product Review can be super helpful for guys who are on the lookout for new brands to try, a fair, honest and most importantly, an unbias review can be more helpful to you than the generic hyperbole and sales pitch galore you see on male grooming brand websites – most of which are boring and 99% the same. Plus the reviewer, like The Bristle Blower here…will actually use the products and genuinely come back on camera and talk you through what he thinks. He could hate our stuff and say its shit or he likes us etc – that’s the beauty of it, it leaves the company he’s reviewing pretty vulnerable.

A beard product review should be carried out by someone who has nothing to do with the brand they are reviewing. Or you lose credibility, honesty and the reviews simply aren’t authentic. The way it works is, we send a box of goodies down at our expense, and the reviewer, The Bristle Blower, in this case, will try everything he gets and feedback to his fans (you) on what he thinks. Reviewers should, not everyone does this, of course, provide warts and all feedback no matter how bad it could go.

Ps. For brands that pay big bucks to influencers to review your stuff, its not a review, its a fucking bribe and a lazy one, so even if you packed dog shit in the box, because you’ve stuffed their bank account with notes its not going to be a fair and honest review, which means your growing your business on lies. #sorrynotsorry

Anyway, here is the main man here unboxing what we sent him, keep an eye out on our blog page or his YouTube channel for the full review. #wheresmythumb


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