Cheap Fathers Day Gifts Don’t Have To Lack Quality!

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts Ideas For Your Bearded Wonder

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts do not need to lack quality, trust us. We wanted to create a bundle deal that your bearded legend will love – while making sure you don’t break the bank at the same time. It’s easy to spend £35 on a pair of socks and chocolates for the 567th year in a row – and it’s also tricky to buy for someone who’s got everything. So why not introduce them to a new brand that will help with his male grooming routine and pamper his legendary face forest.

And here is a little bearded poem you can steal for his card – Dad, you know that I like Batman. And Superman’s cool too. But I don’t really need them. As long as I have a bearded you!

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts For Your Bearded Wonder

So with all that said, what Bearded Basturd would say no to a magnificent aftershave, a manly candle to hide man smog and something to condition and shine their beard on Father’s day?! So here’s what £38 of your hard-earned pounds will get you:

1 x Mens Candle…or should we say, Mandle (Spiced Oak Scent)

1 x Mens Signature Eau de Toilette, and

1 x 50ml Beard Oil – The Slutty Basturd.

Cheap Fathers Day Gifts Ideas For Your Bearded Wonder

You can see some of the items reviewed on YouTube by the hilarious and talented Bristle Blower.

You can view the items in this bundle deal individually following these links:

We also wrote a blog about the science of why smelling good is important.  According to a group of researchers in Europe – A man sees but a woman smells. The research study they published showed that men are visual while women rate olfactory (fancy Latin for smell – yup, news to us too) cues as more important in mate choice. Taking the results a step further – the study proved that women valued olfactory cues significantly more than men even in non-sexual contexts. Crazy!


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