DIY Beard Oil - Free one page absorption rates downloadable PDF

DIY Beard Oil: Free absorption rate PDF


Are you thinking about making your own beard oils? Are you unsure what carrier oils to use?

Do you need a little help understanding some of the basics around carrier oil absorption rates? Or maybe you have wondered why your beard felt sticky or waxy after application?

Don’t worry we have you covered with this free downloadable PDF. It will help you gain a basic understanding of carrier oil absorption rates and why they matter.

DIY Beard Oil – Before you start making your own beard oils, you need to understand the basics about what carrier oils to use.

Carrier oils are an essential part of producing and building a good DIY beard oil. Understanding carrier oil absorption rates and why they matter is vital, however. We prepared this basic guide to help people who may be thinking about starting their own beard care or beard oil company (we hope you do it’s so much fun) and for customers and consumers worldwide, who just need some assistance during the buying process with their own local company.

DIY Beard Oil – Products packed with oils that have very slow absorption rates will leave your beard feeling greasy and well, shit.

Products packed with carrier oils that have very slow absorption rates will leave your beard feeling shit. Due to the slow absorption rate of those carrier oils your beard will feel sticky and greasy, it will leave an oily barrier on the skin and may clog your pores which could trigger blackheads and even acne. And let’s face it, no one wants to walk about with a greasy looking beard all day.

DIY Beard Oil – We are not saying carrier oils like carrot or jojoba are bad or shouldn’t be used, we are advising to mix them carefully.

It’s worth stressing that oils that have slow absorption rates actually contain higher amounts of the essential fatty acids that are fantastic for your skin and beard hair. Just be careful, don’t be tempted to overload the beard oils you make with the likes of almond, coconut, palm and jojoba oil just because other companies do. Don’t be lazy. Do your own research and get your carrier oil blends done correctly. The same advice applies to guys who are about to chuck on their DIY beard oil.

DIY Beard Oil – Your customer will not appreciate their epic beard feeling greasy, would you?

If you are researching this for your new beard oil business, remember your customers won’t enjoy using your products if it leaves their beard feeling greasy. How they feel after they apply your oil to their epic beard is the most important aspect of your business – so please take this into consideration. You should be giving your customer confidence and style once they apply your product, not a reason to jump straight back into the shower to wash it off.

DIY Beard Oil – Carrier oil building top tip: Involve your customers when you build a new product.

Get your customers involved when you build a new product and prepare what carrier oils you will use. Try running an ambassador programme, get raw, honest, warts and all feedback before going to market. Your potential customer’s feedback is worth its weight in gold during the start-up phase. Typically, your potential customers will have more and better ideas than you will. Trust us, ours did!

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