Is it important to smell good - Yes. Men see but women smell.

Signature Eau de Toilette

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50ml Bottle Containing notes of winter lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, orange blossom, thai basil, vetiver, amber wood, oakmoss, patchouli & musk. Designed with complete synergy with our signature scented range of male grooming products and male candle (mandle).

Fragrance Family: Aromantic, Citrus & Woody

Top Notes: Mild Citrus

Heart Notes: Musky Spices

Base Notes: Mature Vetiver, Wood Notes Maturing Over Time

Scent Intensity & Longevity: Moderate

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Is it important to smell good – Just ask women. Ask any woman for her most desirable trait in a man. She might say a kind heart, someone honest, good career or a charming smile or even good looks. Dig a little deeper and you’ll hear women admitting that a man’s scent makes them weak in their knees. And there is science to back that up.

Is it important to smell good – Scent can determine if she selects you as a potential partner! Smell – or a man’s scent – has been proven scientifically through experiments to be the number one factor for women when it comes to selecting a potential partner. Don’t worry it was news to us as well!!!

According to a group of researchers in Europe – A man sees but a woman smells. The research study they published showed that men are visual while women rate olfactory (fancy Latin for smell) cues as more important in mate choice. Taking the results a step further – the study proved that women valued olfactory cues significantly more than men even in non-sexual contexts. Crazy when you think about it. 

Women seem to be more driven by scent while attraction for men was driven by what they saw. That’s really no surprise because men are naturally attracted to the shape, body proportions, skin and face of a woman. However, women rate a man’s smell as most important when choosing a potential partner. So the next time you sit and wonder ‘Is it important to smell good’, we think you should give keep Bearded Basturds Eau de Toilette in mind.

Is it important to smell good – How we can help you land your ideal lady! Bearded Basturds Eau de Toilette has been designed not as a single item, but with complete synergy with our signature range of male grooming products. Yes, we want it to achieve gallant charm and impeccable masculine style while amplifying the Bearded Basturds individuality ethos. However, our main objective was to provide a clean and crisp scent that complements our new signature scented beard care, shaving care products and candle for men (mandle). All we wanted to do was show our esteemed customers how passionate we are about keeping our beauty or male grooming innovation and artisan-level craftsmanship in the UK.

Is it important to smell good – Scent breakdown – Containing notes of winter lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, orange blossom, basil, mature vetiver, amber wood, oakmoss & musk. The perfect complement for our signature scent range.

Fragrance Family: Crisp, Refreshing, Citrus & Woody

Top Notes: Mild Citrus

Heart Notes: Musky Spices

Base Notes: Mature Vetiver, Wood Notes Maturing Over Time

Scent Intensity & Longevity: Moderate (Meaning you may require another application in 3-4 hours)

The fragrance pyramid is extremely important for aftershaves using essential oil blends. It illustrates the perception of fragrances over time. These theoretical levels of scents, which are called ‘notes’ are what the fragrance pyramid is built on. Depending on the evaporation rate of the perfume, different scents, or ‘notes’ will be revealed to you and developed over time.

Top notes: The scents that are perceived immediately last on average for a few minutes. These fragrances appeal to the sense of smell and are relevant for the purchase decision. These include citrus, herbal and marine scents.

Middle notes: These are stronger than the top notes and last longer. They also form the character of each fragrance and are essential for the “scent trail”. Middle notes are perceptible only after a few minutes and consist mainly of floral and fruity aromas.

Base notes: These notes evaporate slowly, adhere to the skin and are therefore perceived for a longer period of time. Popular base notes include wood, leather, amber, musk, balmy, oriental notes and vanilla.

No. When it comes to skincare, we will always be passionate advocates about keeping what goes on your skin multiple times a day, completely 100% organic. We are passionate about challenging big pharmaceutical companies that skin care formulas can be achieved without using harsh chemicals and alcohol for health reasons. However, when it comes to colognes and aftershaves the inclusions of certain types of chemicals, mostly the alcohols can’t be avoided I’m afraid. The way we see it, while admittedly being slightly hypocritical at first glance, is this: The odd spray of your aftershave around the collar of your shirt, or indeed a little spray on your wrists is acceptable.

Moisturising your skin all day long with harsh chemical-based products is a big fat no. That’s why our mission is to clean up the high street and give people better and safer day-to-day cosmetics. With that said, skin care for us will always be fully 100% organic.

The main difference between an Eau de Toilette, and say, an Eau de Parfum is the concentration of oils in the fragrance. The higher the concentration, the higher the risk of it agitating the skin. That also hikes the price up.

This is why we wanted to release an Eau de Toilette, not only so it can be reasonably priced, but because it’s gentler on the skin than your more concentrated blends. Our recommendation is to re-apply after 3 hours if necessary. Everyone’s body chemistry is unique so this, of course, is never to be used as a one size fits all recommendation.


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