Scented Beard Oil For Only £10 Plus Group Discounts

Value Beard Oil - The Slutty Basturd

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Contains: Organic Grapeseed, Mullein Flower, Sacha Inchi, Tomato Seed & Meadow Foam seed oils.

Impact: A conditioned, healthy, shiny beard with zero greasy after-effect.

Oils Provenance: France, Argentina, Amazon Rainforest, India & Italy.

Slutty Scent: Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Bergamot and Grapefruit essential oils.

Compliance: Members of the European Union Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) under Regulation (EC) N° 1223/2009 (Article 13) with safety assessments, chemical analysis, research & testing by Oxford Biosciences, UK.

Value for money alert: This (double the market average sized) 50ml bottle should last you fucking ages. Oh, check out the bundle discounts, too. £15 for 2 bottles, 10 bottles only £60 – You get the idea!


Does Scented Beard Oil Work: Yes It Does, It’s Not Hipster, It’s Necessary. Men produce sebum oil naturally to condition beards from within. It secretes out from our sebaceous glands. We just don’t produce enough of it when our facial hair gets past a certain length. That results in an oil shortfall. The sebum oil shortage makes beards dusty, flaky and shaggy. This is why it’s necessary for beard oil. If anyone says to you its a fad or a con, they clearly lack a little understanding of male biology.

How To Use: Disperse oil (amount will vary depending on beard estate)  into your hands and work the oil into your growth.

Does Scented Beard Oil Work Top Tip: Don’t just coat the outside of the beard, dig deep and massage it into the skin and follicles. Beard oil has a double-duty as a styling agent, but when your beard is extra thick or gets past a certain length, the oils ability to tame and control the hairs will diminish. It’s our opinion that you start looking at a beard balm which will give you much more control over the unruly face forest. Our styling balm can be found by following the link embedded into the last line of text in this paragraph.  

Scented Beard Oil To Make You A Slutty Basturd: In the aromatherapy world, the blend of essential oils used to make this scented beard oil irresistible to your potential mate is a well known and powerful aphrodisiac. You are welcome.

Background: Cultivated after baby skin care research, with each ingredient already used on our owner Craig’s young infant son’s skin.  Providing you with the comfort and guarantee that, if it’s good enough for infant skin care problems, it’s good enough for you or who your buying for.

1 review for Value Beard Oil – The Slutty Basturd

  1. Ric

    One of my favourite scents in the range. It leaves my beard feeling nice and fresh. Would recommend this one as part of your oil collection without hesitation. Ignore the name it’s not just for the players out there. A faithful married man is writing this review!

    • The Author

      Amazing, Ric. Thanks again for the feedback 🙂

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