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Top Rated Beard Oil - Limited Edition

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Impact: A conditioned, healthy, shiny beard with zero greasy after-effect.

25ml Bottle Contains: Grapeseed, Mullein Flower, Andiroba, Sach Inchi, Tomato Seed & Meadow Foam seed oils.

Oils Provenance: France, Argentina, Amazon Rainforest, India & Italy.

Traditional scents of old warships from Nelson’s day: Lime, patchouli, bay leaf, cypress, and cedarwood essential oils.

Compliance: Members of the European Union Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) under Regulation (EC) N° 1223/2009 (Article 13) with safety assessments, chemical analysis, research & testing by Oxford Biosciences, UK.

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Top Rated Beard Oil – Limited Edition, The Basturd AB Whatmore

This top rated beard oil, The Basturd AB Whatmore, was created specifically for a local sailor, Ryan Whatmore. Ryan is a passionate sailor in The Royal Navy. He also has a keen interest in naval history. He sent us an email one evening with an idea to create a beard oil that has the traditional scents of old warships from Nelson’s day.

This was a fantastic challenge. It took us a few months to get it right, we put a lot of blends in the bin, we wasted a lot of essential oils, we met with Ryan at our old HQ in Rosyth to do old fashioned skin and sniff tests, and Ryan also took two prototype blends away to try out on his beard. It took time and patience but we got there eventually.

Top Rated Beard Oil

Top Rated Beard Oil – Limited Edition – Traditional scents of old warships from Nelson’s day

In his top rated beard oil, Ryan wanted lime, because sailors were traditionally given lime to treat scurvy. He wanted rum because we all know sailors like to get pissed, he wanted something smokey to symbolise the gunpowder smell from the fierce battles and a woodsy scent to symbolise the wooden ships.

Top Rated Beard Oil – Limited Edition – Does it solve any beard problems?

Yes it does. As well as having an amazing smell, this beard oil is packed with antioxidant properties. With antioxidants like vitamin C and E this top rated beard oil will help provide protection against skin and hair damage. It will also promote hair growth which is great for patchy beards, it will leave the beard smooth and soft without feeling greasy.

Top Rated Beard Oil – Limited Edition – What oils are featured in this bespoke blend?

This bespoke beard oil is shaped around organic Grapeseed, Mullein Flower, Sacha Inchi, Tomato Seed & Meadow Foam seed oils, and our new oil andiroba. Andiroba penetrates the skin quickly, acting as an excellent emollient oil. It’s naturally high in limonoids and triterpenes which are anti-inflammatories (great for sensitive skin), which is why andiroba is often found in formulations for muscular aches and pains and products intended to reduce swelling.

In fact, the Brazilian football team is known to use andiroba after footballs matches to aid muscular recovery. If it’s good enough for Neymar and company, it’s good enough for or our customers.

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity

To thank Ryan for this amazing concept, and for working with us so closely, we have decided to give something back, £1.00 from every sale of his oil will be sent to The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity. They exist to support sailors, marines and their families, for life.

The charity’s mission is:

To raise and deliver resources, working with others, to provide the best support to serving and former members of the Naval Service and their families.

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5 reviews for Top Rated Beard Oil – Limited Edition

  1. Ryan Whatmore

    As I have sensitive skin myself, I knew that I wanted Bearded Basturds to make my naval-inspired beard oil as Craig and his team are massively passionate about 100% (and I mean 100%!) natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals and alcohol.
    In the final prototype I received to test, I got the masculine woodsy smell, the spicy smell of rum, the sharpness of the lime and the perfectly balenced smokey scent, all beautifully blended together.
    I wanted an oil that lasts, scent-wise and benefit-wise. I wanted this because, as a sailor, the sea air dries out your facial forrest easily and flakes your skin without effort. The effects of this beard oil last all day and after applying, it instantly makes your beard feel soft, soothed and nourished, defeating beard itch instantly and making your beard feel healthy, thicker and fuller.
    This wonder oil is also for a good cause. £1 from every sale is going towards RNRMC, who are a charity devoted to sailors, marines and their families for life.
    Brilliant oil and an even better cause!

    • Craig McKay

      Fantastic feedback, Ryan. Thank you!

  2. gobanwow (verified owner)

    Usually, I am not leaving feedback after a purchase. This time, I simply had to. Before trying this brand and this specify blend, I was thinking that all oils were the same. I would have rated them all the same. For years until this one. What could be the difference you may ask. The scent. Amazing scent, which last. Long. I would qualify the scent as inspiring. An instant travel to a place of your own imagination.

    I cannot wait to try other scent. Good products, real quality.

    • The Author

      Wow. Such kind words, thank you so much!!!

  3. ricowen

    My favourite oil from the selection so far. The scent is fantastic. I’m slowly working my way through the range but this is my main go to oil. I’ve only started using oils this year and the advice from the supplier and barber shop in town is second to none. Keep up the good work!

    • The Author

      Hey Ric, we are super proud of the AB Whatmore blend, we will never tire of seeing comments like yours. Thanks so much.

  4. Kev Daglish

    Brilliant product. The smell is amazing and it lasts all day.
    After just one use no more itching!!!
    I am aware you have the soap bars but it wouls be great if you could create a shower gel or beard shampoo with that scent.
    Keep up the good work.

    • The Author

      Hey Kev,

      The African black foaming soap we do at the moment comes in peppermint, lemon grass and non-scented versions. We will be adding the AB Whatmore scent to this too. Would you like a sample from us to test it out – still trying to perfect the blend would be good to get your feedback?

  5. Kev Daglish

    Happy to trial any products not that they need tested as they are all of a high quality and amazing value 🙂 anything with the AB whatmore is going to be great, amazing scent

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