Wooden Beard Comb With Branded Luxury Leather Pouch

Beard Comb & Leather Pouch

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Contains: One multipurpose wooden comb, with branded premium carry pouch.

Impact: Used to effectively untangle, shape and style hair & beard hair without any static build up.

Carry Pouch: The comb is fitted snuggly in the bespoke carry pouch, the tab at the back needs to be pulled so the comb can exit with ease.

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A wooden beard comb is an essential bearded man’s tool. It can be used to effectively untangle, shape and style beard hair. Another use for it is to evenly distribute beard oil or balm evenly across your beard hair. Using a wooden beard comb has been scientifically proven to provide several benefits for the beard. The feel of wood on your skin is great, but the main benefit is that it does not produce any static like a plastic comb would which makes styling and taming so much easier. As you move the comb across your beard hair, you are also transferring the healthy natural oils and sebum from your follicles across the hair shaft, coating each hair strand for a more effective result.

The more you use it, the more beard oil it will absorb, giving it a shiny, polished finish and effectively treating the wood. Our comb has been designed not only for beards but for the hair on your head, too. This comb comes complete with a luxury leather branded pouch to keep it clean while it’s in your pocket, guy bag or similar.

Wooden Beard Com & Leather Pouch Top Tip

The wooden beard comb is designed to have a super snug fit inside the leather pouch. If for what ever reason you forget to close the flap, its been designed so the comb won’t fall out. However, some guys have been in touch to say they struggle to get it out again.

Now this isn’t a design flaw, they have just missed the handy flap at the back, once pulled it helps slide the comb out enough for you to firmly get a grip and take it the rest of the way out. Please keep that in mind and thank you once again for shopping with us and trusting us to look after your face forest.


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