Scottish Beard Oil handmade (organic) with no harsh chemicals or alcohol

Our Product Ethos

“Welcome to Bearded Basturds Organic Male Grooming & Skincare. When my son was born with a skin problem, and the usual prescribed creams & ointments from the doctor made things worse, the solution had to come from elsewhere.

A home remedy of organic vegetable & fruit oils cleared his problem up completely. That’s when my obsession with natural sciences began, specifically organic chemistry. And by accident, the business was formed. It also started my love affair with using ingredients from the Brazilian rain-forest such as Cupuacu & Bacuri butter to treat symptoms of chronic skin problems. Thanks to those ingredients, and my son as inspiration, we have been able to ship our male grooming products, atopic eczema cream and tattoo recovery cream for example, into 15 different countries worldwide.

In our opinion, many competing products are sold to guys with a really ignorant & dangerous over-focus on being manly while hiding the fact they contain alcohols and cheap, nasty, synthetic harsh chemicals that can have a huge negative impact on their general health & well-being.

We think you are awesome for stopping by, we also hope you can take comfort that no ingredient or product for sale hasn’t already been used on my own infant son. If it’s good enough for baby skin care issues, its good enough for you or who your buying for. Although, when he’s washing I’m sure his PJ Masks toys get more soap that he does! – Craig McKay”

Organic Male Grooming & Skin Care Products

Made in the UK


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