Wholesale Beard Products – Become a Bearded Basturds Stockist

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Wholesale Beard Products – Become a Bearded Basturds Stockist

Wholesale Beard Products – “It seems like most barbers and beard care related retail shops simply do not care or consider potential clients with sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis for example. I think it’s very unfair that those people suffering from allergies or sensitivities to alcohol, petroleum, fragrance and harsh chemical based products have little to no choice in their local shops – I intend to change that” – Craig McKay.

I wanted to expand on that quote of mine a bit with a story. The quote is quite antagonistic and I’m not sorry one bit. I’ve pounded the streets recently, visiting cities all over the UK handing in samples to shops and chasing down opportunities the old school way…face to face. Each time I popped into a relevant shop who wholesale beard products to have a nosy around, one thing was strikingly obvious. There was no organic products in around 99% of them.

I would ask if they did organic products for people who for religious reasons don’t want products containing fragrances or perfume as they are alcohol based. Or the clients who simply have skin conditions and sensitivities to harsh chemicals like alcohol again, petroleum, fillers, e-numbers, sulphates, synthetic dyes for colouring, phlatales and so on which are in the mass produced, cheap and nasty products that ironically took pride and place on their shelves.

Wholesale Beard Products – Acne and eczema: Sixty per cent of Britons have suffered from a skin disease


SIXTY percent of British people currently suffer from or have suffered from a skin disease at some point during their lifetime, according to a new survey. – The British Skin Foundation

For anyone who’s stuck with me and got this far without taking offence at me pointing out your short comings then please consider this, if you have ever wondered why some customers just don’t seem interested in buying products from your establishment after a service you provide, try considering its because a large percentage of them have a justified presumption you have a lack of options to satisfy their needs?!

Try this, the next time someone is about to be upsold for products you stock, ask them this question:

‘When you buy beard care (or skin care) products, do you normally buy non-organic (so harsh chemical based) or 100% organic products for sensitive skin?

One of two things will happen, they will say they don’t care either way and that’s perfectly ok. However they could say, I actually only every buy 100% organic products (ingredients from nature) because I have really bad skin, I have slight eczema and an acne issue so I need to avoid alcohol etc

That’s your queue to jump in to say, we’ll you’ll be glad to know that we also stock a range of organic products stripped of all harsh chemicals and alcohol just like you need, and they are made right here in the UK. Would you like me to bring some over to show you…yes please and you can see how this could go, it want be long until the till is ringing, you’ve added more value to that client and strengthened their loyalty by educating them about your product range.

And trust me, having done a crazy amount of mystery shopping myself, no shop I went into had staff trained on this 1 minute technique to upsell organic products.

60% of your customers might have skin issues, a large amount of them might not buy from you because you lack the key questioning and knowledge to help.

We don’t just bring you on as a stockist and take your money in a cold and robotic way and leave you to it. We offer staff training on our ingredients, methods of manufacturing here in the UK, why we do what we do, industry knowledge and little golden nuggets like the above in person or via sales questioning techniques on PDF, should you want that.

Wholesale Beard Products – Ingredients imported & Sourced From Fruit Plantations In Paraguay & The Amazonian Rainforest


We are very proud of the fact our ingredients are imported and sourced from the likes of fruit plantations in Paraguay and the Amazonian Rainforest. We use the super-fruits you can see to make our creams and the beautiful, colourful flowers for the oils and scents.

We truly believe by switching up and changing your product upselling strategy, speaking to clients about their skin and what keeps them up at night, while stocking products that come from nature could open up a new revenue stream for your business.

One of our more recent stockists is h’Hairds, a fantastic Scottish salon in the coastal village of Carradale. They posted the below onto their Facebook page late last year ( link here ) they are leading the way with their attitude around eco friendly and organic products.

wholesale beard products


We strive to consistently improve as a business and currently make sure our products have cosmetic safety assessments, chemical analysis, research & testing carried out by Oxford Biosciences, UK. We are also very proud to be working towards being ISO compliant. Which isn’t something you never hear or see within the SME craft male grooming industry. We want to lead the way on safe and standardised manufacturing in the UK. We think its important when someone decides to wholesale beard products that you know your stocking a reputable firm who’s safe and credible. You can find out more about the International Organisation For Standardisation with this link.  

Wholesale Beard Products – How Do We Become A Stockist

If you want to wholesale beard products from us you can do one of two things. You can email us at sales@beardedbasturds.co.uk either myself or one of the team will get back to you, or you can use the stockist form hosted on our home page which looks like this…

wholesale beard products

Once you become a stockist placing an order or checking to see what products you can stock is never easier. No need for out dated telephone or spreadsheet based ordering, we’ve spent time asking our stockists what would make their life easier and invested money into a pretty slick and advanced stockist portal.

It’s a website in essence that sites right behind out main site that’s set up just for you and your shop. Once you have your user name and password you can log in from your phone or tablet any day and at any time, and within a few clicks you can place your order. Its fully integrated with woocomerce, stripe payment systems and PayPal so everything is secure and GDPR compliant.

We are a family business here at Bearded Basturds, we are big believers in honesty and good, healthy relationships. It’s a working ethos we extend to our stockists near and far. If you decide to stock our products you become part of our family.

This is why we have a collaboration section in the stockists portal, its for feedback, questions and improvements. Or leaving jokes and good old fashioned banter – we respond to it all with grace. What’s working well, what isn’t, is there something missing or do you want a product we don’t sell – can we make it for you…that sort of thing.

At the end of the day we will strive to make sure we keep adding value to your business and customer base.

Thank you. Craig & Team.


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